At times we need a helping hand from someone we trust.

We are happy to work with you each month in the following areas to support your marketing communications, or assist with projects as they arise. Retainer costs are based on time and expertise required each month.

Guidance areas

  • Website: Website editing and website project management.
  • Content Marketing: Brand awareness via content creation for your website, blog, social media channels, email campaigns and other marketing activities.
  • Social Media Marketing: Management of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter pages and groups.
  • Email Marketing: Creation of email templates and emails. Management of email lists.
  • Advertising: Paid (PPC) advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Insights and reports: Google Analytics setup and reporting, social media impact reports.
  • Design: Brain storming, Digital graphic design, creation of email templates.
  • Research: Competitor Analysis & SWOT analysis.

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